Thursday, December 16, 2010

Budino, the favorite dessert of the year!

That's right! According to the lovely folks at foobooz our Salted Caramel Budino is the Dessert of the Year! Order one for dessert after dinner at Barbuzzo or click here to order a 6-pack to pick up at the restaurant and enjoy...anywhere!


  1. I had one for the first time last night. Decedent!

  2. A group of us went to Barbuzzo the last Friday of Restaurant Week here in Philadelphia. The place was packed. (Note its a tight squeeze, but its oh so worth it.) After enjoying a wonderful salad (roasted beets and kale), main course (salmon with some kind of pasta delicious), I finally got dessert. Folks (STOP and scroll up) you have got to go just for this! This was the most sinfully delicious, the custard, caramel and bits of sea salt were simply delightful. Ours was topped with shaved chocolate and fresh whipped creme. Four of us got this dessert. We all stopped talking becuase our spoons never left our mouths. When we got to the cookie crust - brace yourselves, you'll never want any other dessert. I'm definitely going back and will definitely have this. One of my co-workers had the blood orange tiramisu, well she couldn't speak during dessert either because her spoon never left her mouth. Awesome! I've got to talk my husband into coming into Center City one night for dinner.